Obama’s “Main Message”

“My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”                                                                                                       – Barack Obama

That’s Barack Obama’s main message to the parents of the boy who was shot and killed last week by a former neighborhood watch leader?  George Zimmerman, the watch leader, has claimed self-defense in the shooting, although the police have not finished investigating his claim. Repeatedly, the local police authorities have said that they are investigating what exactly happened; and at first glance, there may be some potential holes to the former watch leader’s story.  In the end, the story will unfold and more will be revealed.

So the most powerful man in the world’s “Main Message” to these grieving parents is that HIS son, if he had one, would look like theirs.  In twenty-one words, the President of the United States interjected himself into a state criminal investigation with a racial statement, as influential civil rights organizers began to incite crowds into a frenzy over perceived injustices.

As if sensing an opportunity, Barack Obama, who was hailed as “The Great Uniter” in 2008, willfully took the time to subtly play the race card.  Not only had his DOJ, led by Eric Holder, began reviewing the case almost immediately; but the President felt it was necessary to comment at a completely unrelated press conference.  His choice of words which included referencing looks and his own imaginary son has only shown that our President clearly sees events through the prism of race.   If that seems too much of a stretch, then imagine George Bush saying the same exact comment if Trayvon had been white.  At the minimum, one could argue it was a poor choice of words at a time when claims of racism are being fueled.  All Obama had to do, if anything at all, was offer his condolences to the family and express confidence that the authorities would thoroughly investigate.

It could have been that simple.   Instead, the President, even if unintentionally, invoked race and fanned the flames in Florida.  If not as generous as the previous statement, one cannot help but wonder why the President did not comment on and why the DOJ didn’t investigate Melissa Coon’s son in Kansas City, MO.

While walking down the street several blocks from her house, Ms. Coon’s 13-year old son was jumped by two teenagers who doused him in gasoline and then set him on fire.  As they began to douse him, they said, “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.”  Yes, Ms. Coon’s son was white and the attackers were two black teenagers.  Ms. Coon’s son received burns to the face and body and was rushed to the local emergency room.  Fortunately, he survived the attack and still is alive today.  The two teenagers have never been caught and almost not a word was ever mentioned by anyone in the mainstream media.  While the Florida case resulted in a death, it is clear that this attack in Kansas City was definitely a hate crime and there is little ambiguity to details of the event.

Yet, no one is holding their breath for any attention over a crime against a white 13 year-old in the Midwest, as there is no political advantage for Obama or the mainstream media in acknowledging this particular event. The political calculations made by Obama clearly dictate a need to bring excitement to the African-American vote, as their enthusiasm for the President has been shown lacking.

Meanwhile, as Mr. Zimmerman remains in hiding for his safety, the selective intrusions and snubs from this Administration based on race become more obvious day-after-day, as the President takes each opportunity to play the politics of division.


25 thoughts on “Obama’s “Main Message”

    • That’s frustrating yet renailevg that the state’s attorney is the one that decided not to have Zimmerman arrested and prosecuted. Hopefully, the assignment of a new attorney will reverse this decision. This sheds additional light on Michelle Alexander’s statement that no one has more power in the criminal justice system than prosecutors, which appears in her book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

    • Obama is playing the modetrare game in order to let Pelosi and gang pass his liberal agenda while he deceptivly looks like the guy filling the gap.A hypocirites , hypocirite and the true face of deception. A more obvious ruse has never been played on the American public!

  1. That’s Barack Obama’s main message to the parents of the boy who was shot and killed last week by a former neighborhood watch leader?

    Actually, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed February 26, 2012. The leftwing media recently latched on to it, however.

    I don’t know if Zimmerman is guilty of murder, manslaughter, or if he was 100% in the right. I do know that regardless of the facts, his reputation is tarnished forever because he has already been convicted in the court of public opinion. If a fair investigation finds no cause to indict, the leftwing will conspiracy theorize about institutional racism, lying witnesses, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera – ad nauseam. Trayvon Martin will rest eternally in martyrdom while George Zimmerman will go down in infamy.

    But the leftwing is infamous for this kind of fraud. The Duke lacrosse case and the Tawana Brawley case come to mind. Each involved black women falsely accusing white men of rape, and in each case the leftwing sacrificed innocent men on the Altar of Necessity. The left is beholden to the black community and must keep them happy no matter the cost, human or otherwise. This is especially true given The Anointed One’s waning popularity and upcoming election. Like little rats, the left is searching for an issue with which to bludgeon conservatives. I touched on this in a recent post concerning this case.

    It comes as no surprise that Obama, who has aborted the post-racial presidency he promised, would comment on this case given its media attention. Never mind that it’s totally inappropriate for any president to comment on an on-going Justice Department investigation (as Obama said and apparently forgot), but by doing so he has effectively stymied any chance Zimmerman had of a fair shake. Because if Zimmerman is not indicted, then The Anointed One will look like an idiot.

    And Al Sharpton, who was involved in the Tawana Brawley case, has involved himself in this one, too. He is such a pig. He uses every single tragedy to ever befall the black community for his own benefit.

  2. Good point on the date of the incident, I should have caught that.

    Also, my next article will be right down some of what you just spoke about. It’s almost complete and I will be posting it tomorrow, most likely.

    He will always be guilty even if never charged. What a sad and scary concept. This is why we are not a Democracy.

  3. And I have no doubt that a smart, good-lookin’ kid like you will one day be in political office. And should you one day decide to run, there is no doubt that some opposition researcher will comb over every aspect of your life, including your online presence, to find some dirt. Just stay cool and level-headed like you’ve been. LOL. That’s my only advice.

  4. “Instead, the President, even if unintentionally, invoked race and fanned the flames in Florida.”

    I don’t think anything this guy does is “unintentional”. He’s a race-baiter and a rabble-rouser from the git-go; he’s just more subtle than usual about, that’s all. Al Sharpton he ain’t.

    I really like your blog; I’d like to link it on my Blog Roll, if that’s okay with you. Please let me know.

    • Please feel free to link me.

      I only say unintentionally, as to allow for the possibility. I want to keep my writing direct and unapologetic, but also at a discussion level. You are right, it is clear the President’s motives are not unintentional.

      When I have some time,I’ll explain my thoughts on the SCOTUS outcome possibilities on your blog.

  5. Its funny President and Barack Obama never appear together in this post.
    President Barack Obama

    Did you do an article on Mellisa Coons son? Or was her tragedy just used to make a politcal point for your blog alone?subtly play the race card

    • Well, this was an article on Ms. Coon’s son and addressed both incidents. To be fair, I’d have not wrote on either if the President had not interjected himself into this situation.

      As for using “President Barack Obama” in the article: As a a writer, it would be unwise to waste that much space in an article using a full name and title. To keep readers interested in a blog or article, one cannot afford to waste almost half a line on anyone’s title as it would break continuity.

      Barack Obama is the President of the United States and he is currently MY President.
      I sincerely hope that last sentence made you feel more at ease about my motives. My respect for the Constitution and the Nation is much stronger than my disapproval for President Barack Obama.

      In addition, I am not the one who brought up race in the situation; in fact, my article only address President Barack Obama’s intervention in this situation over others, especially when there are few facts released. The idea that his comments are racial and mainly focused on appearance cannot be intellectually denied.

      It is funny that you seem to be unable to not see race in this situation; as it shouldn’t matter, yet race is all that many seem to notice in the situation.

      if this article upset you, I highly suggest you not read my next one this evening. Thank you for the comment, though; all opinions are appreciated.

  6. I was just saying you did the same thing for your agenda. What about my comment showed that “I did not see race in this situation” on both sides. If my observation of your post upset you, I feel sad for you.

    No matter how well you use words to deny facts, your true colors are shining through. A respectful opposition helps everyone grow.

    “I only say unintentionally, as to allow for the possibility. I want to keep my writing direct and unapologetic, but also at a discussion level”

        • I assume that pelpoe waited at least a minute before calling 911 plus the connection time. I mean I think if most pelpoe would hear two pelpoe yelling outside they would probably wouldn’t instantly pick up the phone and call 911 they would wait to see if it stopped or intensified. I also believe that the little brother was playing video games and intensely into the game bc that is what many young boys his age do (especially when their parents are gone and they don’t have anything else to do). Have you ever tried to get a kid to stop playing a video game while they are in the middle of the game. My kids will sit and try to play for hours with their complete focus on it. Plus, everyone knows that little siblings often rat out their older siblings and I don’t think he would have wanted him to witness it.

        • , I think this is an unlikely scenario. If they were trying to keep Chad on the downlow, brandi wouldn’t have trotted him out to the media in the first place. Very easy to keep him from the press since he’s a minor and b/c it would be easily accepted that it would be too upsetting for him. That said, it looks like felony assualt is not a predicate felony in florida. The applicable language of the statute when death was the intended result. Also, there is no similar language applicable to “other persons” where the death was not intended by the actual perp.Here, though, I think it would be attempted felony murder since George didn’t die. The law applicable to that is below the first statute, separated by “======”‘s. Wish I could italicize!Felony Murder***(3) When a human being is killed during the perpetration of, or during the attempt to perpetrate, any:(a) Trafficking offense prohibited by s. 893.135(1),(b) Arson,(c) Sexual battery,(d) Robbery,(e) Burglary,(f) Kidnapping,(g) Escape,(h) Aggravated child abuse,(i) Aggravated abuse of an elderly person or disabled adult,(j) Aircraft piracy,(k) Unlawful throwing, placing, or discharging of a destructive device or bomb,(l) Carjacking,(m) Home-invasion robbery,(n) Aggravated stalking,(o) Murder of another human being,(p) Aggravated fleeing or eluding with serious bodily injury or death,(q) Resisting an officer with violence to his or her person, or(r) Felony that is an act of terrorism or is in furtherance of an act of terrorism,by a person other than the person engaged in the perpetration of or in the attempt to perpetrate such felony, the person perpetrating or attempting to perpetrate such felony commits murder in the second degree, which constitutes a felony of the first degree, punishable by imprisonment for a term of years not exceeding life or as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.======Attempted Felony Murder* * *2) Any person who perpetrates or attempts to perpetrate any felony other than a felony enumerated in s. 782.04(3) and who commits, aids, or abets an intentional act that is not an essential element of the felony and that could, but does not, cause the death of another commits a felony of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084, which is an offense ranked in level 8 of the Criminal Punishment Code. Victim injury points shall be scored under this subsection.

    • chanceformore,

      No matter how well you use words to deny facts, your true colors are shining through. A respectful opposition helps everyone grow.

      Precisely, what is your argument? Are you saying the author is racist because he did not write “President Barack Obama?” Lunacy.

      You are trying to make a connection that simply cannot be made, and one that defies common sense. The author explained that verbiage is sloppy and unnecessary. Everyone knows Barack Obama is president of the United States, so why clutter up the sentence? It might be proper, but so what? Is informal writing now indicative of racism? Get real.

      President Obama mentions Trayvon Martin but not Ms. Coon and her son. Is our president going to condemn all violence, or just that which happens to the black community? Are you going to condemn all violence, or just that which happens to the black community? Are you a racist, sir?


      This is yet another example of leftwing intolerance and viciousness. You’re between the Left’s crosshairs because you had the gall to call out President Obama for transparent hypocrisy. It’s that simple.

      • Defies common sense, Lunacy, But so what and last but not least Leftwing intolerance and viciousness. My personal favorite between the Lefts crosshairs really!!!. You deserve Todays Overkill Award.Congrats

        • So, chanceformore, in other words, you cannot defend your vicious attack on Ohio?

          Okay. Have a nice day.

  7. You call human beings Rats and Pigs shows the level of respect for opposition.(NONE)
    All this put together with lines you love like “Are you saying” and “in other words”.shows me
    your lack of creativity.

    I’ll give you credit for not hiding your feeling I respect that, also its just my opinion of the post don’t take things so serious.

    I look at different views as a way to learn after serving in Bosnia I learned respect your opposition. Its okay to oppose but it can be done with respect.

    Different viewpoints give us all a

    • I see. You’re inability to defend your attack on Ohio has translated into an assault on me. Interesting and insipid.

      I show about as much respect for the opposition as they show me.

      shows me your lack of creativity

      This coming from someone who resorted to the typical liberal a priori assumptions about conservatives.

      Your opinion of the post was an attack on the author. You insinuated a racist motivation, for crying out loud. If you’re going to demean people, then at least support it with something other than “but, but, but you didn’t say President Barack Obama. Duh!”

      I look at different views as a way to learn after serving in Bosnia I learned respect your opposition. Its okay to oppose but it can be done with respect.

      Different viewpoints give us all a

      Your viciousness was pointed out, so now you play the nice, tolerant liberal card. You’re a joke.

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