Mob Rule: Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Shelby County Courthouse, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

The definition of "Justice" is at stake

The Trayvon Martin controversy is a perfect example of Democracy at work.

As one of my previous articles explained, Democracy is majority rule, with no regards for anything but the simple will of the mob.  Let’s look into how Mr. Zimmerman is facing the danger that Democracy presents.

From the moment this incident broke in the news (although an “old” story by media standards), civil right leaders and minority groups have been claiming that an act of racism had taken place.  Protests have continued, claiming that the local authorities should have already arrested George Zimmerman, the watch leader, although the case is still being investigated.  Even several walk-outs have been staged at local high schools, and a “million hoodie march” has occurred for Trayvon last week.

All of these events have one common goal: the arrest of George Zimmerman.  

As a result of the protests, the police chief has stepped down temporarily, hoping to remove some of the anger.  These events now include the presence of Al Sharpton, who recently said:

“We wanted to come out and say we did not come here for a temporary leave of absence,  we came for permanent justice….Arrest Zimmerman now! That’s what this rally is about”

Arrest him for what?  The officials have stated they don’t know exactly what happened yet, so are we to arrest Zimmerman because he shot, justified or unjustified, an African-American?   Apparently, Martin’s father thinks so, saying:

“Had Treyvon been a white kid … Zimmerman would have been arrested.”

Furthermore, the New Black Panther Party has issued a “Dead or Alive” poster offering $10,000 for the “capture” of Mr. Zimmerman, who has gone into hiding.   Aiding in that quest today, Spike Lee tweeted Mr. Zimmerman’s address, which only added to the level of danger he is now facing.

Do not misunderstand, I am not currently defending Zimmerman but rather defending our Constitutional right (5th, 6th, & 14th  Amendments) to be considered innocent until proven guilty.   In fact, if Zimmerman is shown to have killed this boy in an act of racism, discrimination, or for any unjust reason; I say throw the book at him.   Until then, if race is used a factor for imprisonment or conviction, we will have a major problem in the United States.

By definition, what is occurring in Florida is practically the forming of a lynch mob against a Hispanic citizen of the United States.  That’s right, Mr. Zimmeran is Hispanic, not white, as Al Sharpton’s manual for crisis exploitation would generally recommend.  Mr. Zimmerman has been already tried and convicted by society.   He has been deemed guilty and ready for punishment, with no need for a lawyer, judge, or jury.

What we are witnessing is attempted mob rule: A “perceived” majority of individuals crying for punishment of a citizen, without even knowing his guilt.  The only reason provided by this particular mob to show Zimmerman’s guilt is that he shot an African-American boy wearing a hoodie.   There is no interest in seeing the undisclosed facts or any patience for a resolution.  Instead, constitutional rights have been thrown out the window and the desire to see this man penalized has overtaken all rational thought.

This is where Democracy and the Democratic Party takes us: Rule by riots, protests, and decisions made to satisfy the mob.  As long as the majority is satisfied in their erratic emotional causes, then nothing else matters, not even the attempts to find an individual innocent or guilty.  Consequently, the U.S. Constitution is being trampled under the feet of a “million” hoodie-wearing Americans.

Although mentioned before, consider that Zimmerman has literally had a “Dead or Alive” $10,000 bounty issued against him, not more than 24 hours after HIS President used racial comments as his “main message” regarding the incident.

If no bodily harm comes to him and if he is found innocent, his reputation has been forever damaged; a textbook case of what can happen when the public turns against you.  He will also have become a case study for multiple groups, causes, and college courses.  Although it remains to be proven, Zimmerman has been labeled a “cracker”, “racist”, and “murderer”.

The mob has actively waged war on a United States citizen.

It continues to grow as fuel is being thrown on the flames by prominent individuals, including the President of the United States.

It is times like these, that our Constitution and founding documents are almost the only things holding this society from imprisoning (or worse) someone who has yet to be convicted or even charged with a crime.  This is why we were given these personal rights and freedoms, so that individuals would be protected from the masses.

The situation in Florida is not an anomaly. It is what pure Democracy and the Democratic Party will bring us.


16 thoughts on “Mob Rule: Judge, Jury, and Executioner

  1. Jesse Jackson is involved in this thing too, I guess. That’s a shame. I used to have a lot of respect for Jackson, but he’s gone off the deep end, following Al Sharpton’s suit. Shame.

    You’re right, though. Justice certainly isn’t blind anymore.

    • Yeah, but it is more than that. This is deeper than the racial claims, as it is a breakdown of our society.

      By definition, Democrats want a majority rule system that is unchecked and unsatisfied. We are seeing a testing of the law’s boundaries to see if the U.S. system will abide with constitutional rights or give in to the mob.

      We have to realize this now, because it is quickly forming into the Left’s game plan for the foreseeable future.

      • Yeah. I caught that part of your post. I guess you’re right. But I’m not sure it’s a conscious goal, if you know what I mean. I think they actually believe the Constitution is on their side.

      • Nice to hear from you again I’m a newbe to your blog, but have been checking in. Noticed your wathslochs posted in Nov I made up a bunch for christmas presants and have a bunch of people at work that would love me to make up more.Kudos to you for choosing your walking over knitting we acquired a treadmill over the summer but I have not used it myself yet need too but my knitting is winning out especially in view of Christmas looming ever nearer Happy Knitting Karrie

  2. I believe this relates to the “need” to know everything now and the “need” for instant gratification which relates to the age of self obsession. Patience is invisible. Speculation, conjecture, and the combination of fragments of a truth that is undisclosed at this point has given cause for groups to unite and fight for a common cause. Who is turning such a blind eye to not stand up for what we are given; our rights? Our “leader” fueled a racist idea. That seriously burdens me that we are at his whim. Can he do as he wishes? He has done a lot. Who will protect us from a rash decision? That have not done so yet.

  3. It’s always interesting to me when Sharpton — probably the biggest race-whore on the planet (Hmmmm… pretty crowded field…. Jesse Jackson? … Farrakhan?…. but I digress), the guy who brought us Tawanah Brawley — is bleating about “justice”. He wouldn’t know justice if it walked up and hit him in the face with a brick (which I hope it does).

    “… so are we to arrest Zimmerman because he shot, justified or unjustified, an African-American? ”

    Yeah! You got a problem with that, white boy? (Channeling Sharpton now)

    “Furthermore, the New Black Panther Party has issued a “Dead or Alive” poster offering $10,000 for the “capture” of Mr. Zimmerman, who has gone into hiding.”

    Actually, according to federal law, that’s an act of “terrorist threats”, a federal felony. Someone alert the Justice Department!!!

    Oh… wait… Eric Holder’s in charge….

    Never mind….

  4. Well, we all know just how much our Constitution means to Obama – Obama has made a mockery of it so why should the New Black Panthers or Al Sharpton care? This country is falling apart.
    When you decide to run for office let me know – I’ll be the first to sign up to help you with your campaign.

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  6. The media is no better. They even altered the 9-1-1 calls to make this sound like a racial issue. That’s despicable, and some needs to be held accountable for that. If more violence results from this, they will have blood on their hands, and it becomes a criminal matter for those news outlets as well. There’s absolutely NO excuse for this type of behavior.

    • They have simply been exposed for what they are and always have been since Cronkite and the Vietnam War. While it is unfortunate, it is also a blessing in that they were able to self-implode over the Trayvon incident.

      We just have to keep the ball rolling…

    • new concepts and tools shluod not stand alone, but as part of a comprehensive strategy. And talent communities are no different. If you want them to work as an employer branding tool to get candidates talking

    • Tea Party Rhetoric? How about all of that liberal rhetoric? I’m a member of the Tea Party, and that is NOT rhetoric. I’ve attended several tea parties, I’ve even given speeches at Tea Parties. As a tea party member, I know that all we want is a return to our country’s values and to eliminate the corruption in our government. I don’t care what party you’re from, corruption is prominent in BOTH of the parties right now. I don’t like most of our current politicians.What in the world does Obama or the Tea Party have to do with this tragedy that happened? NOTHING. The guy who shot this kid was a psycho, he shouldn’t have even been part of the neighborhood watch. I truly feel sorry for the kid who was killed, it should have never happened. And the guy who did it needs to be locked up for life or given the death penalty. But don’t bring the Tea Party into the picture as if it has some sort of correlation.

  7. Gee…I thought to put a “hit” out on someone was illegal…the silence of ‘President’ Obama on the Black Panther Party’s intent to harm a citizen without due process, is one we should all note as being very scary.

    What they are doing is no differenct than what the KKK did….mobs. You make excellent points!

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