The War on Family: A Glimpse into the Liberal Agenda

For a brief moment, the American public got a glimpse of something that is rarely seen: Liberalism’s “War on Family.”

This short glimpse occurred as Hilary Rosen berated Ann Romney on CNN over having “never worked a day in her life”.  While her tirade continued, she simultaneously revealed exactly how liberalism views women, particularly mothers.

For decades, the main goals of feminism and women’s rights movements have been portrayed as striving for “equal rights” and “equal pay”.  If these were the true goals of radical liberalism, all would be good and well in the world.  Yet, these are just parts of a masquerade created to conceal the actual goal of a long-term “War on Family”.

For almost a month, Democrats, including Obama, have been accusing the GOP of waging a “War on Women”, citing opposition to the “Contraception Mandate” and attacks on Sandra Fluke’s “testimony” to Congress.  In all these attacks, there has been little that was not intentionally manufactured and staged in advance by DNC operatives, including the awkward question to Romney on birth control in a January GOP debate.  One of these operatives was Hilary Rosen, who visited the Obama White House thirty-six times in the last three years and partnered with Anita Dunn to stage the Sandra Fluke testimony last month.

When given the chance, Rosen opened fire on Ann Romney; not for her opposing beliefs, but for being a stay-at-home mother.  According to the liberal view, raising a family cannot possibly be work, but rather an oppressive role forced upon women by the traditional concept of family.   Rosen and like-minded liberals target their hate towards the American family formula, as they see the family as counter-productive to the cause of women’s “independence”.  In their skewed world, children are shackles and husbands are oppressors, resulting in their disdain for career mothers and conservative women.

Ann Romney is that strong conservative woman.

Her entire life story threatens the hollow walls radical feminism has spent years to construct. Mrs. Romney, a breast cancer survivor, has raised five boys and committed her life to the cause of motherhood; going against the modern liberal mantra of career first, family optional.  When combined with that fact that she has multiple sclerosis, Mrs. Romney becomes a symbol of the strength and courage a stay-at-home mother must have and what she can achieve.  For Rosen, this lifestyle is does not fit into the mold of the “modern women”, who must achieve a fulfilled career and spend years fighting against the injustices of the male-dominated world.   It never even occurs to the Rosen’s of the world that motherhood is a career, noble of recognition and more advanced than any public-relations position a presidential administration could offer.

This “War on Family” is not new, but has simply been exposed again by this brief lack of verbal restraint.  In the early-90’s, Hilary Clinton exposed the agenda concisely, saying:

“I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession…”

Teresa Heinz-Kerry let her disdain for non-career mothers show through in 2004, claiming:

“I don’t know Laura Bush. But she seems to be calm, and she has a sparkle in her eye, which is good. But I don’t know that she’s ever had a real job I mean, since she’s been grown up.”

Even yesterday, President Obama attempted to cleverly take the side of Rosen when he said:  

“…we didn’t have the luxury for her [Michelle Obama] not to work.”

By making this statement, Obama made it clear that he believes the work of a “stay-at-home” mother is a “luxury”, as if raising children ends at 5pm every day.
While income is relative to one’s spending structure, the Obama’s clearly made a life-choice to balance raising children with their careers. In this free nation, this personal decision should be respected as theirs to make. Yet, this freedom to decide does not seem to apply to conservative mothers or Ann Romney. For all the diversity and tolerance the Left preaches, there does not seem to be much room for respect and acceptance of career mothers and their priorities in life.

Within only a couple of days, the Obama campaign’s artificially created “GOP War on Women” has boomeranged into a full-bodied spotlight into the soul of the liberal perspective on a women’s place in society.

As the general election fight shifts into high-gear, this blatant attack on family is only the beginning of what is planned for the remainder of the year.  As conservatives, we must continue to keep the spotlight on this true agenda and on liberal’s gender stereotyping of women in today’s political arena.

We must defend Ann Romney and a women’s right to choose a career in motherhood and child-rearing.


23 thoughts on “The War on Family: A Glimpse into the Liberal Agenda

  1. In most of the two-income families of my acquaintance, most of the salary brought in by the secondary breadwinner goes to pay taxes so that the entitled takers can stay home and not work. Much of the remainder goes toward day care so the makers can work to earn that which is transferred to the takers

  2. “Yet, this freedom to decide does not seem to apply to conservative mothers or Ann Romney.”

    This goes to show the contradiction in the publicly percieved intentions of liberals when compared to the actual demonstration of the underlying goal. It greatly disappoints me to know that this is only one topic on a long list of underlying goals to collapse our country from the inside. We are essentially in a civil war masked by media influence to hide the truth.

  3. I did not intend for that to be taken as “media” alone. I am aware as well that there are many many more influences beyond what is willingly conceived by most of the United States population.

  4. The moment I read the attack on Ann Romney I thought of my wife who was a stay at home mom and her day did not end after she put in her 8 hours it was 24-7 and raising two daughters was WORK. Rosen overstepped and in doing so issued a blanket attack on all stay at home moms. My belief is that this was a costly mistake.

  5. What a great piece you put together! People like Hilary Rosen #1 are perverse in their own lifestyle. #2, in my view she hates people like Ann Romney for, and this I really feel is the main reason … Mrs. Romney is everything Ms. Rosen wishes she could be. Smart, Beautiful, Classy, Wealthy, possessing a great looking family with morales and the kind values she is not even familiar with. It’s too bad when people like Ms. Rosen make the chioices she’s made and is obviously eaten up with … well, let me put it this way. The Bible says “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”. (KJV) So this ridiculous attack is demonstrative of what’s in Ms. Rosen’s heart regarding Mrs. Romney.
    You did a very good job with this!

    • Keep in mind that the left attacked Sarah Palin for NOT staying at home and raising her kids while she was serving as Governor.
      I guess, if your’re a conservative, you just can’t win with these people.

      • Hey AFVET! Long time no “see”!
        Yes sir! There’s no doubt that one can’t win against a liberal mind set. I’m not the biggest fan of Mrs. Palin, though I do immensley respect her position on many subjects, but man, I still blow a gasket when I read some of the most vicious comments from the left about her. Ridiculous! and talk about “hate” man-o-man!
        Hoping you and your family are well.

        • I wasn’t sure who you were, now I know.
          The mission we have before us is immense.
          The time to complete it is narrow.
          BTW, nice site over there.

        • A level playing field is not in the lib’s game plan.
          If it was, they would lose everytime.

  6. I don’t think this is simply a leftist “war on families”.

    IMO, the entire leftist strategy is based on “divide and conquer”. Class warfare; anti-family; racism; whatever.

    You can’t ever regard any one leftist’s rantings as their party’s dogma, because you can easily find another leftist disavowing that guy, but making a differently-aimed rant. We saw it when Rosen was thrown under the bus by so many fellow socialists.

    The KEY element in their strategy is that they have so many people out there saying so many different — and often conflicting — things aimed at each energizing one small segment of the electorate, all while saying that they should ignore the other guys, that they hope to COLLECTIVELY attract a large following.

    It’s always essential to remember that elftists think COLLECTIVELY, not as indiviuals with personal responsibility.

    Watch Wolf Blitzer’s interview of Rosen, and how she so easily shrugs off the criticism of her compatriots. She knows it’s meaningless, and just for show. AFTER their (presumed) re-election, she knows she’ll be right in there with all the rest of them hoisting a flute of champagne in a toast to the ObaMessiah’s beatification, a welcomed ally.

    • While you are completely right, I generally try to observe events in a larger scale. There is no doubt the divide-and-conquer strategy is in full effect, and they are gambling that their base reenergized from it.

      My approach is more on the Left’s general hatred for family and anything traditional. I see many articles on Obama and events relevant to the election, therefore my goal is to attempt to offer the bigger picture. Liberals are patient and meticulous, we have to learn their strategy and underlying motives.

      • Yeah, but by focusing only on the “war on families”, you’re actually limiting yourself to the SMALLER picture.

        Look at what I wrote; THAT’S the Big Picture. Strategy, not mere tactics.

    • It’s the absence of principles that allow them wriggle forward, ever changing the format, always changing the rules, never setting forth a strict guideline.
      The mantra remains, ‘the end justifies the means’.

      • Its true they have no guidelines and therefore can adapt to the environment. In fact, the best way to expose and stop people like that is to publicize their positions, so every change hurts their credibility.

        • I would agree that every change hurts their credibility, however, the changes are falling on deaf ears, people that dismiss commonsense and instead embrace the mantra of the Obama.
          Obama bucks are still out there and eagerly awaited on by the folks that rely on the government to support them.
          I think that America is waking up.
          I think that the Obama administration has, and will continue to expose itself for what it is, and what it is capable of if he is elected to a second term.
          The arrogance displayed over the last three years should be the alert that every American sees as a brazen attempt to ruin this Great Country.

  7. Well, OhioCon and BrianR, speaking of perspective and big-picture, my next blogpost will probably be on the history of healthcare-medical care-parmaceutical care worldwide, along with its current status, trends, and its future. I say “probably” because I can’t figure where I’ll get the time.

    I’m in Orlando now, will return to Tennessee tomorrow, then have to leave for Charlottesville VA Wednesday. To you guys let me say in advance that there will NOT be a government-run-and-operated system in America’s future.

    I’ve not been following day-to-day news for weeks, OhioCon, so missed most of the kerfuffle about which you commented here. I too, though, see this episode in the context of the core of progressivism and locus of control.

  8. This of course fit’s the Liberal mentality that children are a commodity. If you want them, just don’t kill them when you inconveniently become pregnant through no fault of your own. And of course if you do chose not to kill them, then it’s the states responsibility to raise them so that they are not a bother to you. Ironic that the hippy generation that rallied behind peace and love, the generation that complained that their parents didn’t understand them have totally turned their back on their children and treat them as an inconvenience, far worse then their parents treated them!

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