Battlefield: SCOTUS

We have an emerging crisis and battlefield developing in the war against America. 

With the comments made over the last several days, a new narrative has begun to emerge for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.   As he “threatened” the Supreme Court, Obama showed his intentions to run against an “activist” court, signaling he seems to expect (already knows?) that an overturn is coming.

During his absurd rambling, Obama used two important terms in reference to SCOTUS and the ObamaCare case:  “unelected” and “unprecedented”

“…that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law…”

By singling out this “unelected group of people”, the President has begun to play to the uneducated masses. His hope lies on mobilizing individuals to outrage not only at the upcoming ObamaCare decision, but also the Court itself. With no knowledge of how the checks-and-balance system works, it easy to see how many could be shocked that nine “unelected” justices could determine the fate of laws. This ploy is very dangerous and could be effective for the President because of the multiple generations raised under the government-ran public education system.

It is not enough to convince the public that the Supreme Court is “unelected”, as they will not grasp this concept alone. There must be an element of rebellion against the President and the perceived public will. This is where “unprecedented” came into play when the President continued his remarks:

“I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

By setting the expectation that the Court will uphold the President’s law, the belief is created that the Court has little involvement in government’s creation of laws.  The combination of these two concepts allows for the formation of President Obama’s main goal in attacking the court:

De-legitimize the U.S. Supreme Court and show it irrelevant to today’s United States.  

The result of this goal is twofold and extremely dangerous if accomplished.  The first part is to aid and expand Obama’s campaign message of “It’s not my fault!”  It has already been accepted that a “Do-Nothing Congress” portrait will be painted this fall by the Administration, as the GOP-controlled House has put the brakes on their agenda for the last two years.  To deflect against the President’s shortcomings and the floundering economy, “Obama2012” is now deflecting attention toward an “Activist Court” as well.   In doing so, they will have created an election message that pits the Presidency against an obstructionist Congress and misunderstood Supreme Court.

In a society conditioned to love drama, their hope is that this perceived power struggle will give way to a sympathetic view of Obama’s first term.

The second goal is more threatening to our current system of government, as there is little doubt Obama will go down swinging if he loses this November.  If at all possible, President Obama is attempting to place as much public skepticism and doubt around our most misunderstood branch of government.

Once again, due to government-ran public education, it may not be a difficult task.  The Supreme Court is not directly elected and is the only branch of government that is intended to not consider the will of the people.  Very few realize that the Court’s only intended role is to interpret law and the Constitution, not what is popular or what benefits the majority of the public.  As the media drums up an overturn of ObamaCare as “activism”, a potential tide of public sentiment could be created over time as public schools and college classes switch into full courses of progressive revisionism. While this may take years, it has become apparent that liberals are extremely patient.

If placement of anger and fear of this “unelected” group’s decisions can be successfully implemented, the United States’ entire system can be opened for challenge and re-examination.  Commentators and legislators will bow to perceived public outcry that the Court is, in fact, unnecessary since laws are passed by “elected” officials.  While perhaps losing in the general election, Obama would still go down in history as the progressive liberal hero who began the restructuring of the U.S. government. Again, these changes would not occur overnight, but rather through multiple future years of continuing the premise that the Court is a relic.

If this scenario seems unlikely, then consider that only days after the President’s comments, David Dow from The Daily Beast has already written an article calling for the impeachment of the five conservative Justices if they overturn ObamaCare in a 5-4 ruling. The title of his inane article is, “Impeach the Supreme Court Justices If They Overturn Health-Care Law”.  Within a day of this article, Maureen Dowd, who’s vocal opinion counts only to show a look inside the liberal mind, referred to SCOTUS as “hacks dressed up in black robes…”

While some may shake their heads now, this is the playbook and game plan we will be facing this November and perhaps in years to come.  As liberal ideas continue to fall short and fail intense scrutiny, their proponents are turning to refocus on damaging or completely removing entire branches of government.  With roles significantly lessened, their ideology can thrive on the absence of debate and challenge.

There is one major ray of hope throughout this entire scenario.  ObamaCare would have to be overturned for this strategy to play out to its fullest.  In this case, no one could deny that Conservatism would have given the first blow in this new battlefield.  This overturn could give conservatives the springboard needed to begin to express and explain our constitutional principles and beliefs in a way not seen since Reagan. This is why it is crucial that we are vigilant in relentlessly preaching the dangers of government overreach and praising the concepts of individual responsibility and liberty. 

Conservatism cannot afford to lose the battle around the integrity and relevance of the Supreme Court.


20 thoughts on “Battlefield: SCOTUS

    • It is bleak, but we have to begin realizing the agenda ahead of time. This ploy has been already accomplished on many portions of the Constitution and other facets of society.

      Over time, the educational system has slowly uneducated us from a governmental system and reeducated us from a liberal viewpoint.

      Overall, the US Court system has not been challenged as an institution, but this is all very quickly changing. The Court have proven to be a liberal’s friend; but as the conservative movement grows, the Court is quickly coming under attack.

      I promise more positive messages are coming…

      • The indoctrination of the youth is becoming more an more obvious.
        It started years ago in the universities, that taught the teachers that teach the high schools. and now the elementary schools, even to the point of removing a girls lunch that her mother packed for her that didn’t CONFORM to the strict mandates set for the students in that school system by, the government.
        Yet, I don’t really see any teachers resisting the onerous mandates that
        the government imposes.
        Could it be the unions, or a complete lack of common sense ?

  1. You have hit this out of the park, we (America) cannot afford to lose the supreme court, nor even see it weakened. Obama has set the playing field perhaps, but his remarks are hypocritical as he has personally placed his minions withing that group of nine to do his bidding’s. He knows the court will likely strike down the mandate and that may well be the final nail in the coffin for Obummercare. Of course he will attempt to play the blame game he has done that from the beginning of this nightmare. Our hope is that there are enough people who understand that he is overstepping and drawing perhaps his final line in the sand, hoping that We the People will flinch.

    Obama is on the ropes, he is seeking women voters now hoping that they will be stupid enough to believe he is rallying to their cause. He did not seek them out in his first election because it was bought and paid for. Now he has lost the MEGA-WARCHEST. He is a weak man recycling complements, speeches and truly has lost the luster that many had seen.

    thanks for this post was a great read.

    • Thank you! Please spread my site and conservatism to anyone you know who needs a conservatism education

      Let me address something you said in your comment, and I realize it most likely won’t apply to you, personally, but consider the concept of “hoping”.

      “Our hope is that there are enough people who understand…”

      I would only say that we have spent too many decades “hoping” instead of teaching. While we’ve spent decades “hoping”, the liberals infiltrated the educational system and started teaching the younger generations.

      As conservatives and Americans, we have to ready to relate and discuss these issues whenever possible. Even if we have to tie our day-to-day conversations back to our principles, we cannot afford to go throughout our life not speaking these truths. If our family’s house was on fire, we would be screaming until everyone was out and safe. This is not much different, as our nation is burning.

      Thank you for the continual comments and visits. I love speaking conservatism with anyone.

      • You are correct, hoping is cool but our hope however must be implemented by deeds. If we are not spreading the word, and explaining our belief in a manner that encourages understanding and insight then we are not passing on the truth and thus are allowing the liberal mind set to set the label in stone. I hate to say it though I have been a conservative for all of my adult life I did not until this fraud took office feel the true need to make my voice heard. I had never expected the tsunami of hatred for the way of American life that rolled in on the back of Obama’d campaign for office. It was shocking but I then came to see that it had been building for far, far longer than many Americans (myself included) would have believed.

  2. Well done !
    The desperation of the progressive movement will culminate in the upcoming election.
    Barack Obama has been coddled and nurtured to this point by radical Marxist revolutionaries.
    Now the field has changed, and the investigations into his eligibility to hold office is becoming a major concern for the regime to try again to divert the attention of the American People away from what could be the biggest fraud that ever achieved his position.
    Treason is a serious offense, and it shouldn’t stop with him.
    Congressional members that allowed this to happen are culpable in the disregard of the mandates of the Constitution.

    Nancy Pelosi declared that she was going to clean the swamp.
    Poorly done Nan.
    The Constitution was designed to prevent the swamp in the first place.

    • Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Select Start NINTH CIRCUIT! Yes! Free speech nerds like mlseyf rejoice by throwing banana peels at Koopa Troopas on Mario Kart as a comic act of triumphant violence.(Also, sidenote, there’s MUCH dorkier pictures of me on the Internet you could’ve linked to. Especially given the arc of this post, e.g. my Facebook profile picture involves me wearing a POWERGLOVE!).

  3. Good article.

    Aren’t most laws that SCOTUS has over-turned been “passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.” I’m willing to bet that every law that SCOTUS has overturned were passed by at least a simple majority of Congree.

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  4. Excellent essay.

    It is funny how, now that SCOTUS is no longer a bastion of leftist dogma, it’s become so “irrelevant” to our socialist brethren, isn’t it?

    Here’s a letter to the editor I wrote on this same topic, responding to the blather of one of our local socialists on the impending Obamacare overturn:

    In his column today, Charlie Vignola dependably parrots the Democrat party line about recent US Supreme Court (USSC) rulings being “partisan” and “activist”, evidently in anticipation of their ruling against Obamacare on constitutional grounds.

    First, it’s interesting how a 5-4 split to overturn the law would be “partisan”, but that the enactment of that law without one single GOP vote somehow isn’t. Why does Vignola overlook that pesky little fact?

    And how would such a decision be “activist” if Roe v. Wade isn’t? The Obamacare decision will rule on whether or not a law is constitutional, the proper function of the USSC as defined in Marbury v. Madison in 1803; in Roe, they made law out of whole cloth, legislating from the bench.

    Double standard, anyone?

    The fact that many recent decisions have been handed down on the basis of 5-4 split votes has nothing to do with partisanship, and everything to do with the fact that there are 5 justices who believe the Constitution means what it says, and 4 who don’t. It’s really that simple.

    It does have everything to do with the proper role of government. Constitutionalists believe that government’s power is limited by the Constitution; liberals believe in an expansionist view of government, unfettered by constitutional restraints. Again, 5 who believe in the first, 4 who believe in the second.

    And that’s why there are so many 5-4 decisions. It’s not some weird conspiracy, as Vignola and company would have you believe.

  5. Seems to me, a Prez who claims the power of life,death and indefinite imprisonment of citizens without charge and seizes industries has bypassed the Constitution. A Congress that legislates economic destruction and authorizes the military to seize and imprison citizens without charge has bypassed the Constitution and the Court bypassed it, substituting itself when it seized that unconstitutional power around 1803 or so in Marbury vs Madison. None of them like to say so; it upsets the voters. Some, anyway…

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