Mic Check: Obama’s Desire for “Flexibility”

Wnmh microphone

President Obama got to experience open mic night at the Nuclear Security Summit this past week, while speaking with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Under the impression that their microphones were off, President Obama made the following comments:

“On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him [Putin] to give me space.”   “This is my last election.  After my election I have more flexibility.”

President Medvedev agreed and said he would pass along the sentiments to Putin, who will be taking Medvedev’s position this May. The comments should be a startling wake-up call to those who realize that Russia has and still is our main rival in the global arena, as they oppose the U.S. on almost every issue.

Obama’s gaffe begs us to question what this “flexibility” will bring and why he cannot share his goals with the American people before the election.

What is already known is that the START treaty already agreed to by Obama and Medvedev effectively commits the United States to reducing nuclear stockpiles, without forcing Russia to make any similar concessions.  Not more than ten days ago, the President also stated his intent to bring about nuclear disarmament, saying:

“I believe the United States has a unique responsibility to act — indeed, we have a moral obligation.”

Fortunately for us, the microphone caught our President expressing his true intentions.  Clearly, Obama recognizes that his plan and intentions will be unpopular and against the desires of the people, as he intends to give our global rival the upper-hand in military might.  After all, it would stand to reason that a majority of U.S. citizens would object to their President essentially disarming the nation and strengthening our most prominent rival, Russia.

It is a scary reality that we could be one election away from handing over our military superiority to our enemy. 

His goal of crippling U.S. defense is not the only insight we have gleaned from Obama’s hot mic incident. Let’s take his comments a step farther and to a deeper context.

If it is not already obvious, it should become completely clear now that we have a President who is not concerned with America’s interests or the will of her people.  In fact, he is so focused and obsessed with liberal ideals and objectives that he cannot bring himself to even propose a budget that would garner one Democrat representative vote in the House (the budget failed 414 – 0).   This obsession is so strong that it seems very likely that it will be his undoing this November, as almost every “accomplishment” of this Administration seems to be disliked by well-over half the population.

If President Obama is focused only with his ideals and liberal agenda and is willing to govern against the American people, then what can we expect if he was to win the November election?

To look forward at what may lie ahead, let’s take a glance at what the last four years has brought us. 

In what was intended to be Obama’s crowning achievement, ObamaCare (ACA) has currently deeply divided the nation and rests in the hands of the Supreme Court.  The proposal was incredibly unpopular before passage and the unpopularity has increased as each new “surprise” from the un-read 2,800 page bill is announced, including currently unfunded sub-programs to a $1 premium to support abortions.  Along with the bill came the expansion of federal power to mandate citizens make purchases, with no regard for their desire. In addition, ObamaCare will for all intents and purposes destroy private health insurance companies, paving the way for government-only healthcare.

In another first-term act, the Fast & Furious cover-up hit America upside the head, as the DOJ forced border town gun shops to sell guns illegally to known Mexican cartel members.  The DOJ (intentionally?) lost the cartel members and weapons as they disappeared into Mexico, resulting in the DOJ effectively arming Mexican drug gangs. The less-reported intent for this “operation” was to create reasons for the Administration to tighten restrictions on gun shops and gun ownership in the name of public safety, as U.S. weapons would have been reported as being used by Mexican gangs.  Sadly, this “operation” became public when a Border Patrol agent was killed with one of the very guns the DOJ let disappear.  The reports eventually could no longer go unreported by mainstream outlets and the Administration’s war on the 2nd Amendment was exposed.  There can be little doubt that this war will continue more publically in a second term, as Obama’s “flexibility” increases.

We can expect “green energy” loans to continue through another Obama term, as they turn out to be major donors to the Democratic Party.  The push for “green energy” seems to be an especially important to President Obama, as numerous “green” companies receive these loans, despite the major collapses of Solyndra, Fisker, and the Chevy Volt experiment.  The main reason for his fondness in this artificially-created sector is due to the large amount of money received from these companies in political donations, revealing a large-scale embezzlement scheme.

Although preached fervently against while a junior-U.S. Senator, Obama has managed to increase the national debt and raise the debt ceiling  to astronomical levels.  In a true form of hypocrisy, Obama has managed to increase the debt level $4.2 trillion in his term, with the majority occurring in his first two years.  To put this into perspective, the first 41 presidents raised the debt limit $4.1 trillion, over 220 years.   If Obama can spend $4.1 trillion in a little over two years, how much can he spend with four “flexible” years?

Perhaps the most dangerous trend certain to continue in a second term is Obama’s lack of belief in the U.S. Constitution, the separation of powers, and his bypassing of Congress for almost every action his Administration has taken. From undercover mortgage deals to unconstitutional appointment of positions and Presidential Czars, Obama has shown his severe disdain for the Congressional branch of our Democratic-Republic and its Constitution. There is no way to know what Obama’s “flexibility” bring in this area, as the sky seems to be the limit for his aspirations to run the government entirely from the White House.  His power-grab intentions will be emboldened by his ability to stack the U.S. Supreme Court with activist justices, thus reinforcing his ability to command whatever actions he sees fit. Only a successful impeachment by Congress would be able to stop the President as he pulls out all the stops on his liberal agenda.  This leads to the conclusion that the United States will be drastically changed and fundamentally destroyed if the President is given “flexibility” in a second term.

Being able to hear President Obama’s comments to our rival’s leader may have given us one of the best insights into what lays in store for us, if we fail to rise up and remove him from his post.  This is why we cannot be split over policy issues or which GOP candidate is nominated; but rather we must unite and rally for the sake of the nation we love.

We must give Barack Obama the “flexibility” that only comes with being removed from the Office of President.


24 thoughts on “Mic Check: Obama’s Desire for “Flexibility”

  1. I wouldn’t go so far as to suggest that our military superiority will be given away to Russia, since the United States has a technological lead that few minds outside of those with a military background can comprehend (and even then, it’s tough). But I would say that President Obama is making military concessions that put us at greater risk. I think the entire risk is rather small at this point, but too many concessions adds up.

    I think the most important aspect is that this gaffe proves, once and for all, that which we conservatives already knew: Obama says one thing to the American people and does another.

    • If we return to late-1955 levels of 300 nuclear warheads, which is a number reportedly discussed, I think it is fair to say we’ll have given up the threat of “assured mutual destruction”.

      I do agree that the larger issue is that our President cannot be honest with his plans, due to the radical nature of them.

      • Ohio,

        You might be right, but then again, Russia’s nuclear warheads, rockets, and guidance systems are relics of the Cold War. It’s doubtful they would function properly, according to reports I’ve read.

        Either way, we can both agree that Obama is a fraud.

        • Russia’s nuclear warheads are relics of the cold war.
          Give us the links to the ‘reports’ you’ve read.
          Do you expect us to trust you ?
          Did the Russians write the reports ?
          Did Obama give the missile codes from Great Britain to Russia ?
          Your response is eagerly anticipated.

        • AFVET,

          You’re going to have to learn something about me: I don’t do the snide, pompous, puerile bit. You respond to me with a measure of respect, or you can go to hell — eagerly, if ya fancy.

          It is well known that the Russia’s strategic forces are shrinking. Its conventional forces are also becoming smaller in size even more rapidly. In spite of increase in its budget, the Russian military is unable to replace aged armaments with modern weapons.

          Yes, it was written by a Russian. But so what? Independent experts both here and around the world all agree. Consider this 2007 NYTimes article:

          President Vladimir Putin’s government has failed to reverse a steady post-Soviet decline of the armed forces despite repeated pledges to strengthen military might, a group of independent experts said in a report released Tuesday.

          The military continues to suffer from rampant corruption, inefficiency and poor morale, the report said. The Kremlin has also failed to deliver on its promises to modernize arsenals, it said.

          Putin owes his broad popularity to an oil-fueled economic boom that has helped increase wages and pensions, as well as efforts to revive Russia’s clout. But critics say that the Russian military is only a shadow of the Soviet Army and that bellicose statements from the Kremlin mask a steady decline of its potential.

          “The revival of Russia’s military might under Putin is merely a myth,” Stanislav Belkovsky, who head the Institute for National Strategy, said at a presentation of the report. “The Russian armed forces have degraded completely under Putin.”

          If the current trends continue, the report warns, Russia’s nuclear arsenals would shrink from about 680 intercontinental ballistic missiles now to between 100 and 200 missiles over the next 10 years.

          “It’s impossible to reverse these trends under the current policy,” it added, pointing at a steady decline of the Russian military-industrial complex that would make it impossible to increase weapons production without huge investments.

          Alexander Khramchikhin, an expert with the Institute for Military and Political Analysis, said the continuing decline of nuclear forces meant that they would shrink to a level far below that of the United States and would be comparable to China’s.

          “Russia’s strategic nuclear forces have seen sharp cuts under Putin,” Khramchikhin said.


          Russia has steadily increased their military budget, but this is not shocking considering their embarrassing performance against Georgia a few years ago.

          We should take the threat from Russia seriously, of course. But we need to realize that Russia is not our most dangerous foe.

        • I can see both of your points, but in the end, whether or not Russia has military capabilities still does not change the fact that Barack Obama is working on unfavorable agreements behind the public’s back.

          I do appreciate both of your perspectives on this matter and conflict/disagreement is always welcome.

          In the end, we must make sure we unite and concentrate our anger and efforts towards spreading Conservatism and defeating Barack Obama.

        • Ohio,

          Speaking of unite, do you think Romney will be able to unite the party should he win the nomination?

        • I believe that may be one if my next posts, actually…
          I adamantly reject the idea that a candidate’s duty to unite a party, but that each American has the duty to set side their objections and support the fight against the tyranny we face.

          Since the “unite” expectation exists, I do think Rooney can party accomplish this. More importantly, Obama’s campaign against him will be so severe, I think the party will snap to its senses and unite to avoid the destruction of a second Obama term.

          What are your thoughts?

        • The dictatorial attitude you took when responding to my comment below was taken by me as an arrogant egotistical attempt to intimidate me.
          Intelligent people do not send other people to hell for a minor conversational disagreement.

        • It didn’t sound like a “minor conversational disagreement.” You came off as arrogant and rude.

      • I can only say, that those girls are probably scorolgihls or high scool students, and they are drunk so heavy because of 1st september, wich only makes it more sad.And you can`t imagine how much the song played in background corresponds to what you see.

        • Yep. I figured he was only going to relaly, relaly suck. Never underestimate a Baby Boomer, I guess. Probably only 7 or 8 more presidential terms left from that generation and then we can start our rise from the ashes.

    • I wrote about this here; http://basharr.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/unchecked-flexibility-is-that-what-you-want-obama-to-have/ To me it is amazing that there is so much silence about this event. People in this country for the most part are unwilling to share their voice. Reasons for this are unclear but at this point there is nothing short of death that will silence my attempts to awake the people so that they understand there is such a freedom as free speech. We can no longer remain silent because that is what Obama and his Liberal backing is counting on.

  2. Excellent essay and summarization of the danger this socialist wingnut poses to the country. Well done.

    Now, of course, through the EPA he’s decided that coal-fired electricity generation plants are a no-no. The cheapest form of electricity there is, a resource we have in cornucpoian abundance, but noooooooooooooooooo… Can’t have that!

    The new holder of the Worst President in American History title, taking the crown from Jimmy Carter, who’s now demoted to #2.

  3. The new holder of the Worst President in American History title, taking the crown from Jimmy Carter, who’s now demoted to #2.


  4. I wanted to thank you for the “like” and the “follow.” It looks like you have some pretty good stuff here.

      • So True! It was released recently that Obama shared Britain’s nuclear defense technology with Russia in order to get them to sign some treaty. He, (Obama) alone is killing our most needed relationships with our allies.

        • That’d make two families that feel that way for sure, conuting mine.I was talking to my old Daddy on the phone last evening. He’s 85, Tailgunner on a B-24 in WWII, USAF Retired. And so on and so forth, a veritable Pillar of the Community in which he resides.He refers to our illustrious President as Obummer . His kids, and our offspring seldom are that polite. Yeah, Barry is a Clusterism, all right. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.

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