A Democracy?

“Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner”

 – James Bovard


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Democracy vs. Republic

It is frightening when I hear someone refer to this country as a democracy.  Often times, it is elected officials, trying to speak in a language that sounds eloquent and patriotic.  Why does it frightening me? Mainly because the United States contains some portions of a democracy; but, in the end, is and was intended to be closer to a Republic.

Perhaps it may seem as if it is really is just an issue of definitions, but what if it is a whole lot more than that?  What if it is planned and an attempt to establish this democratic set-up?

Let’s look at what a democracy actually is.

Suppose a small group of people approach you and your family while you are walking down the street.  This group encircles your family and demands that you give your wallets, purses, and other valuables to them. Being that you are outnumbered, you comply with your oppressors’ demands.  Being robbed of everything you had on you, your captors are now appeased and they disappear.   The basic concept of Democracy supports what just happened.

Want to counter-argue that the example sounds extreme and there are laws prohibiting what just happened?

Let’s say the country just voted to make it legal to take others’ property?  A pure democracy would support this too; because democracy is based on the concept that majority rule is the final decision.  It does not matter what is deemed right, wrong, ethical, or unethical because the majority have decided what is to happen.

Democracy is mob rule.

For a simple definition, a Republic has boundaries that serve to protect from mob rule and shield individuals or groups from errant majority opinions.  The U.S. was intended to have the will of the people expressed and to guide the nation, but there is a severe difference from Democracy.  This difference is that if at any time the will of the majority of people goes outside the bounds of the U.S. Constitution, then it is to be rejected.

In all correctness, the United States is a Democratic Republic, in which the majority (voters) chooses through (representation) to make decisions for the country.  All these decisions by the majority’s elected officials are tempered through the court system.  If challenged, the courts then decide whether laws passed are within the boundaries set by the constitution.

Fast forward to today’s current hot topics and look how the concept of democracy has taken a tight grasp on many people’s thinking.

There are groups calling for the government to force religious groups to violate their convictions and provide free contraception.  On another front, there are people calling for the rich to pay an undetermined “fair share” of taxes, with talk of 99% against the 1%.  The whole concept of a 99% is ploy to stoke these democratic sentiments.

If the United States was a democracy, as some desire; these actions would have happened without any questioning of the legality. In fact, the 1% wealthy could have every penny taken legally from them if the 99% decided that was what they wanted.

This is why we have a Democratic Party and a Republican Party, and why the term “democracy” has been carefully turned into an acceptable description of our nation.  In basic, the Democratic Party theoretically is based on the belief that the will of the people is what matters, no matter what the majority supports at the moment.

It is mob rule vs. individual rights. 


“Democracy is the road to socialism.” – Karl Marx


17 thoughts on “A Democracy?


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  4. That is not the desire of the 99% nor the Democratic party. We want to know that our representatives have not been bought (and many have), by the rich. That in itself is enough. Our elected representatives should be representing our interests, not some corporations or other wealthy elites who would constitute an oligarchy. Why is this not obvious?

    • Oh, maybe should have mentioned, I have been a repub most of my life (57) and I cannot stand what has been going on with the starting with Bush’s lieds to get us into Iraq, the extremism, the attempts to legislate religion, the hateful right wing media lies and distortions. And don’t tell me the other side is just as bad. IT IS NOT. I have been watching for a long time and never seen such reprehensible behavior as I see on the right, its media, its candidates, the “base” … I am no longer associated with that.

      • Simon, You seem to be understating the siiottaun in Eritrea. I believe you are one of the Eritreans who are living in denial as a result of self underestimation to fight the dictator Issayas Afewerki along with fellow citizens to put the country out of its long lasting misery. Will need to work on its human rights record might be appropriate for America or even Britain. It is so mild. When we talk about Eritrea we are talking about young brothers and sisters confined in Iron containers buried under ground! What’s wrong with you? And you talk about border conflict with Ethiopia and our history with Britain ? are you serious? Are you telling me Issayas is dismantling Eritrea because of the border conflict with Ethiopia? or our history with Britain? Man uo and know the real issue in Eritrea brother! Don’t try to find someone to blame. You know the problem is Issayas Afewerki and his unprecedented ruthlessness. Have a focus and try to put your people before your loyality to the Dictator!

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      • Hi, I have spent the last 45 minutes tliarwng through your blog looking for a particular post which you had on a couple of weeks/months ago. It was a link to a gentlemans’ blog who works for GQ or Vogue ( I forget which) and he takes pictures of random people who have got style all over the world. would you be kind enough to please let me have the link. After 45 minutes of fruitless searching, i admit defeat.Thanks

      • Jeff – I have the complete opposite problem… Length kills me. I think I’ve spent so much of my life trying to get to the point that I often feel like I’ve communicate what I want to say in less than the assigned space. So, my current paper is 15 pages and I’m currently at 5-7 pages and thinking… yup that’s about all I have to say…Tyler – Yeah… I read slow and research is all reading… I also find it difficult to get quotes when I’m orginally researching. Most of my initial research is trying to formulate my thesis or the point I want to focus on. Once I have that in mind finding quotes and good points is much easier.I’m currently working on a system that might be working for me. I research for several hours (5+/-). Then I take a day or two to mull around the paper in my head. I work on the thesis and different parts of the paper mentally (this works for me because I’m an internal processor). Then I sit down and FORCE myself to write the whole paper. The catch here is that I write fast and furious. I throw spelling and formatting out the window. Also, if I haven’t fully fleshed out a paragraph or thought I simply write one or two sentences and keep on rolling. Then, the next day I go in and clean things up with formatting and spelling and begin to flesh out the paragraphs that I didn’t have fully written.Well, that is at least my approach for the last two papers… also throw in a lot of complaining about how much I hate writing papers and you get the picture.

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  7. The report has not a single word about the UK government concerns over the violations of human rights by the side of the FARC in Colombia. Just as an example I want to share this story: while my good friend Enrique Marquez, a young Colombian lawyer who graduated with honors at the Universidad Externado de Colombia, was working in his office in the city center of Bogota, armed members of the FARC went in to his office and kidnapped him. Since that moment, 14 years have passed on. Anyone could imagine how can be possible to live 14 years kidnapped in the mountains of Colombia? The report has not a single word against the ilegal activity of the FARC which among another human rights violations, recruits children and oblige women to abort after being subject to satisfy the sexual apetite of the men of the FARC.

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