A Revelation

I believe all things happen for a purpose.  As I walked toward my polling place on Super Tuesday, I was approached (outside and at a legal distance) by a man, who asked for my support.   I had been vaguely familiar with the name and already had plans to vote for him.  He was Ohio state senate candidate Paul Isaacs.

I thanked him for being out there and continued on to go exercise my constitutional right. As I was leaving, I felt compelled to ask him for information about his campaign and some of his beliefs.  The conversation was continually interrupted as he would greet every voter walking towards the polling center; but through the half-sentences and pauses, I came to know a man who put his convictions and faith above other people’s opinions and the odds. This most obviously demonstrated by the fact that he was asked to run and start a campaign two months before.  As we spoke, I came to learn that Mr. Isaacs’ main reason for running was the lack of interest in the Heartbeat Bill that the current District 06 state senator has shown over the last year.   I listened to his abbreviated campaign story and saw conviction and passion that one rarely sees expressed in an individual.  I stayed that afternoon helping Mr. Isaacs hand out literature and asking voters to support him.  Between the requests, we spoke about our politics, convictions, and our faith in the Lord.  Before I knew it, the sun had gown down and the polls were about to close.  Mr. Isaacs had left a few minutes before to wrap up some loose ends before the results were announced.  Standing there alone in the dark, I found myself campaigning for someone who I’d just met.

Mr. Isaacs lost the election.  His two month old campaign garnered a little bit over 31% of the vote from OH -District 06 voters. For a campaign born not more than two months before Super Tuesday, that is nothing short of incredible, but that’s not the point.  Although we only spent three hours together, I could tell the drive Mr. Isaacs has for his beliefs cannot be stamped out by the loss of an election.  The revelation I experienced that evening was that I have a duty to be active for my beliefs or I need to sit down and be silent.  The middle ground is the easy place to be; in fact, it may be the easiest position.  What could be easier than being silent when dissidents are present and expressing  “convictions” when in friendly circles?  Nothing could be simpler than to blend in with your surroundings, avoiding confrontation with the people around you.

No more!

I cannot call myself a conservative, if I am not willing to speak it.  The biggest spark to this realization was a comment that Mr. Isaacs made to me that evening.  In a discussion around religious beliefs, he said he did not believe that people will die for something they don’t genuinely believe in.  I realized that this is a level of conviction that one must have if they truly believe in something, and it’s time to apply this all areas of life.  Young and old conservatives must live by this; or we must fade away, taking our beliefs with us.  There isn’t really any middle ground anymore; perhaps there never really was.



15 thoughts on “A Revelation

  1. You are incorrect. People will die for something that they do not believe in, but not intentionally. People will die because of things that the president believes in and because of the policies that he is enacting. They will not die willingly or understanding their sacrifice. They will be his collateral damage.

    • Good morning BrendanI am wornikg as a Supporting Actor with one payslip away from joining Equity. I am starting at the bottom but as soon as I get the card’ I will be looking for small parts to start with. I know with SA its what is asked for but what annoys me is that after joining the Agency, how when I go on an assignment, people have not joined or signed a contract and paid to have photo’s done and yet they get constant work and I have done this thinking I would not get work. Not only is it unfair, but puts me in a position where I feel if I complain, I will be putting myself in a bad position which is why I have not. I have read your book which is great and I noticed that I have already do the some of things you talk about naturally. Thank you for that xx I am not yet an Actor and have only gained the B-Tec National with 16 Distinctions, 8 Merits and one pass. I have not been in a position to take up the work until now some time after my B-tec. I joined a local theatre and was totally ingnored as they are a click’ even after reading for every play, wornikg as a lighting tech, painting sceans etc. I gave it my best and currently looking for another theatre to join. (Brush myself off and start again)! I live outside of London but was about to join an Agency there as well as where I live, but at this time, its the cost. The reason for this is how to get work on other projects like Downtown Abby etc. I know I have probably answered my own questions but it is good to talk. With kindest regardsThe old fossil

      • Until now, until the last three years under the leadership of an impostor, many of us were not called upon to step forward and make their voices heard. I was content, (I am sorry for that fact) that things would work out for the best. I did not vote this leadership into office and for that I am thankful. However I should have been in the game at a much earlier point. What sparked my need to air my voice was when the man who won the presidency took office was his immediate need to usurp the power of the constitution and begin what I believe was a purposeful division of this nation. You know when he stood by and remained silent while his supporters “Illegally” Dismantled Joe the Plumbers life….That was an indication of the vile manor in which this jerk would treat the people of this great nation.

  2. I have known Mr. Isaacs for over 21 years. He truly is an amazing person and his consistency in beliefs can be a lesson all of us. He is a person who has sacrificed his time to make a difference in and for others and this is why I know that when the time comes he will be a great representative for the people of Ohio.

  3. I have known Mr Isaacs for a while, as I married into his family 10 years ago. I can quite honestly say he lives what he believes. Many of us no longer trust the politician, believing they all lie, they all sell out at some point. The only one Paul Isaacs has sold out to is Jesus Christ. I was proud of him for running a David & Goliath race and hope he will run again. Our country needs leaders such as him. I only wish we lived in Ohio, so we could vote for him.

  4. Sounds like he’d be an honest legislator, but with most of them we get disillusioned later, and with others we just forget too quick what they did, and the Central Control Media avoids talking about it of course, because they are owned by the same networks that sponsor the lobbyists. Someone asked Abramoff in a Q&A on CSPAN about Ron Paul and the now ex-convinct Abramoff who was convicted of illegally buying votes said lobbyists never bothered with Ron Paul, one guy who couldn’t be “bought”, and nothing they could say to him would move his positions either.

    Now there’s a man you can count on to tell it like he sees it, hopefully like it is, and we need lots more like him.

    I don’t know if America has much time left though before the coming dollar crash (that I and other Christians have been warning about since the 1970s, while the Austrian economists have too, and of course Ron Paul!

    • While I don’t agree with some of Ron Paul’s stances, I will admit everyone knows where he stands on the issues.

      At this point, there can only be one focus in this November election: Defeating Barack Obama. This means whole-heartedly supporting Mitt Romney, attacking liberalism, and spreading conservatism. Romney was not the first choice for many in the primaries, including me; but to be honest, I’d vote for a cup of water over Obama at this point…

      We have to stop the bleeding before we can heal the nation…

      I think I just stumbled on what my next atrticle should be about….

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